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First Visits


The Marqueyssac gardens are on a hill overlooking the Dordogne River, with splendid views.  Formed of  boxwood hedging, with cypress and wild cyclamen, they are  more sculpted than clipped, with the organic shapes harmonizing with the landscape. The clipping is done, by hand, with only four gardeners and the planting dates from the nineteenth century


Château de Beynac, soars high up on the cliff side above the Dordogne River.

Only 8 Km from the house, the village tumbles down a steep hill from its massive castle to the river far below. A perfectly preserved medieval village winding down to the river behind. Some of the film Chocolat was filmed here, adding to its popularity with tourists.

The Gardens at Marqueyssac

Perched on the hillside on left bank of the Dordogne, Castelnaud dominates the small borough coiled at its feet. Its former owners, vassal of kings of England, were for a long time opposed to their neighbors, the lords of Beynac, faithful to the kings of France. Whilst the protagonists of these ancient quarrels have all disappeared, the two fortresses continue their immutable face off, through the ravages of time.